Artist Karen Ivy Talks Shooting Her First Film With Padcaster

Padcaster® accompanied Karen Ivy on her first mini-documentary, Mountain Dog, a short film that highlights local legend, Douglas Pirro, who enthusiastically serves hot-dogs from a panoramic peak on the Catskill Mountains. With the Verse™ Mobile Media Kit in hand, Karen was easily able to capture the story of this humble, yet extraordinary veteran. Padcaster® followed Karen as she filmed her first piece, asked her to share her filmmaking experience and, of course, what her favorite hot-dog toppings are.

Hello! My name is Karen Ivy and I am an artist just starting to direct and film my own mini-documentaries. My goal is to capture the magnificence of the everyday, and shine a spotlight on people whose stories we might otherwise never know.

I stumbled upon Douglas and his hot dog stand while driving on Hwy 52 outside of Ellenville, NY. Once I started chatting with him I knew I had found the perfect subject for my first project, and I was ecstatic to come back and film him. Having the Verse™ Mobile Media Kit on hand was crucial to catching Douglas totally in his element.

I was really impressed with how quickly I could assemble the Verse™ and get rolling. The grip, cage, and microphone really improve the camera stability and audio quality. I never realized how big of an impact having professional grade sound and a steady shot could have on the final product.  Not to mention the infinitely useful portable battery inside of the X-pod, which ended up saving my neck when I needed to charge my phone during the shoot.

My favorite part of filming Douglas was how clearly he loves making other people happy with something as simple as selling them lunch. He’s had such a long and interesting life traveling the world with the Navy and now he chooses to spend his days providing a little joy to passersby. There's something remarkably lovely about someone who spent their career in the service of others only to retire and continue to provide people with a hot meal and a kind smile. I had an amazing experience filming Douglas’s story with the Verse™ Mobile Media Kit and I can’t wait to use it again. As for my next project, I’m keeping my eye out for more remarkable people like Douglas Pirro. And as far as hot-dog toppings go, I would have to say I’m a bit of a traditionalist, ketchup and mustard are just fine by me.


The Moutain Dog 

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By Marin Morales 
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