Padcaster Holiday Offers

The holidays are here and we’ve put some of our most loved products on sale to celebrate the season! Check out these four great offers below:

Padcaster Verse Vlogger- $69


If you've ever wanted to start your own YouTube channel or vlog then look no further than the Padcaster Verse Vlogger! This simple but powerful system includes the Padcaster Grip, Mini Microphone to upgrade your sound quality, and the ultra-flexible G-Pod to keep your videos stable.

Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter - $99


The Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter is perfect for anyone looking to improve how they speak on camera. This portable yet powerful teleprompter is compatible with not only the Padcaster Studio but also the Padcaster Verse and almost all other cameras. A Bluetooth remote and cleaning kit are also included. 

Padcaster for the iPad 9.7” and iPad Mini - Up to 30% Off 


Save big on all Padcaster products for the iPad 9.7” and iPad Mini! With huge discounts on Studios, Starter Kits and Cases, this sale is especially ideal for any school looking to outfit their media program with multiple Padcasters. 

Padcaster Pre-Sale for the iPad 10.2” - Up to 20% Off 


In celebration of the launch of Padcaster for the new iPad 10.2” we’re now accepting pre-orders with discounts on Studios, Starter Kits and Cases. Order early and save!


by Marin Morales

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