Padcaster Journalism Studio


Padcaster® Journalism Studio


Take the Padcaster® Journalism Studio into the field to shoot, edit, livestream and share your footage all on your iPad. From reporting important news on-the-go to streaming live action at the touch of a button, the Padcaster® Journalism Studio delivers professional video and takes you anywhere for the story.

Padcaster® Journalism Studio includes your choice of Padcaster® with all three of our microphones – the Padcaster® unidirectional mic, Padcaster® Stick Mic Kit and Padcaster® Lavalier mic!  Also included are the dual mic/headphone splitter, .45x wide angle lens, the rugged Padcaster® Fluid Head Tripod, LED Light  and a padded camera Backpack to store all of your gear.

Padcaster® Case

Wide Angle Lens

LED Light

Unidirectional Mic

Stick Mic with Clamp System

Lavalier mic

Audio Splitter



Lens Sticker

Total weight 18 lbs