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How Schools Use Padcaster

Morning Announcements

Student-led News and Morning Announcements provide the opportunity to explore journalism education and work as a team, while using real-world skills to directly engage with faculty and peers. Popular topics include, Breaking News, Featured Faculty, Weather Report and Sports Roundup - just to name a few!

“Padcaster gives students a great experience, prepares them with 21st century skills and makes them want to do their best work.” 

Zee Ann Poerio

K-9 Computer/STREAM teacher

Pittsburgh, PA

Livestreaming Sports & Events

Livestreaming school sports, theater productions and graduation ceremonies is a popular way for schools to teach media production to students and share cherished educational experiences with a wider audience. By broadcasting these important events live, educators give their student tech teams real-world filmmaking experience and give families a greater connection to their children.

“I had been thinking of ways to put together a media class for my high school. I found the Padcaster and I thought, wow, this is exactly what I was looking for!” 

James Collier

High School Media Educator

Lloyd, KY 

Hybrid & Blended Learning

Even in this “New Normal,” not all students can always be in one place at the same time. Whether it’s due to a health concern, travel or other extenuating circumstances, a student’s absence can be addressed through Hybrid and Blended learning techniques. Using Padcaster, teachers can easily record or livestream their classes, to ensure all students are included and engaged. 

“The more time I invested into the Padcaster, the more I realized the power of these tools in the classroom and beyond throughout the district to benefit educators and students alike.” 

Violet Christensen

Learning Technology Coach

Longmont, CO

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