• Download the Padcaster Producer Beta App!

    All your favorite filmmaking tools combined into one powerhouse app. Pro version free through Sept. 30!

For a limited time, ALL of the subscription level features are free!


  • Full manual control options
  • Manual exposure, white balance and focus
  • Control of frame rate and resolution
  • Variable speed zoom
  • Manual audio level control
  • External mic compatibility
  • Live audio monitoring




  • Everything in the free version
  • Follow Me
  • Chroma Key/green screen
  • Livestreaming
  • Front-facing teleprompter
  • Image overlays & lower thirds


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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have them.

Where can I download the app?

You can easily download the Padcaster Producer Beta App in the Apple App Store.

Is the Padcaster Producer Beta App the same as the Padcaster Pro?

They are two different apps! To download the new Padcaster Producer Beta App, visit the Apple App Store. If you have any questions concerning the old Padcaster Pro App, please email support@padcaster.com.

Does the app work on Android?

Padcaster Producer Beta is currently only available for iOS devices.

Is the Padcaster Producer Beta app built for both iPads and iPhones?

Yes! Padcaster Producer Beta was optimized for filming on either the iPad or the iPhone!

I’m having an issue with the Padcaster Producer Beta App, what do I do?

Fill out the Contact Us form for a member of our team to assist you.