Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have them.

What do I do if I am Tax Exempt, need to submit a Purchase Order or need to Request a W9?
Yes. Please follow this link and fill out the form for a member of our sales team to contact you regarding POs, Tax Exempt Status and W9s.
How can I receive a quote?
Please follow this link and fill out the form to request a quote.
What size iPad do you need?
Our Universal Case work with any iPad sized 9.7 - 12.9
Do you also provide/sell iPads
No, you will need to acquire the iPad through another vendor
Does the Padcaster work with other tablets?
For questions about Padcaster compatibility with other tablets, please fill out this form for a sales representative to confirm compatibility.
What is included in the Starter Kit?
What is included in the Studio Kit?
Our full kit that has all the accessories is our Studio Kit: You can also build your own kit with any of those Padcaster accessories, or add them to a Starter Kit.
What Apps do you need to use Padcaster?
The Padcaster Producer App is currently released in beta form. Padcaster Producer combines recording, green screen and live streaming into one easy to use app. It also has innovative features like dynamic tracking/following, adding lower third text, image overlays, on-screen front facing teleprompter, full manual control, and so much more. To learn more about the Padcaster Producer App and download it to your device, go to: Other apps we recommend are: MoviePro for recording DoInk for green screen Airmix Teradek for live streaming Parrot Teleprompter for teleprompter You can also find a list of other apps we recommend on our FAQ page at:
Can you Live Stream with Padcaster?
Yes, with the correct app
Can you use Green Screen with Padcaster?
Yes, with the correct app
How are other schools incorporating Padcaster into their school/curriculum?
Here is a school using it for Graduation Live Streaming: Here are some great school news examples: For some other stories of how Padcaster is being integrated you can view our blog at:
Is there training that comes with Padcaster?
We have lots of training tutorials online, and one of the best features of Padcaster is the intuitive nature of putting it together. And once it is put together, you don’t need to take it apart. First step would be to work through the set-up video at: And to learn about the new upgrade parts of the Studio you can view:
Do you offer an Education Discount
Do you offer a Volume Discount
Yes, with as few as 5 units


Am I missing something?
Can I purchase a replacement part?
Do you ship internationally?
Yes. International shipping will include shipping, duty, taxes, and other fees for a total cost.
 How can I make a return?
How can I get more help setting up the products?
Where is the long microphone?
The Padcaster Unidirectional Microphone is no longer included in our catalog and is succeeded by the Padcaster Mini Microphone due to supply constraints.
Why won’t my Padcaster Parrot Remote Control turn on?
Make sure the battery is inserted correctly in the tray. Press and hold the on/off button for a patient count of 5 seconds. The red light will flash for 1 second when the remote is on.


Trouble with Microphones
Please download the Padcaster App and toggle from the built in microphone to headset in audio settings. Check that you are using the included usb-c adapter and Y-splitter to connect your microphones to your iPad. Make sure to identify which port on the Y-splitter is for the microphone and which is for headphones. If your microphone is connected to your iPad properly, click the volume up button on the side of the iPad to ensure your volume is turned up.
How do I live stream to Youtube
To connect to a live stream via the Custom RTMP option please follow these steps. A. In the Producer App a. Open Producer App b. Tap Gear Cog in left corner to open settings c. Tap Streaming d. Tap Stream Providers e. Tap Custom RTMP d. Go to Youtube on your Computer for next steps B. In Youtube a. Click your account icon in the top right corner b. Click Youtube Studio c. Click Create in the top right corner d. Click Go Live e. Click Schedule Stream f. Follow the prompts in YouTube to set up stream g. Take note of the Title, Stream Key, & Stream URL These will be put into our app C. In Producer App a. Back in the Settings Menu " Stream Providers/Custom RTMP" you will see fields to input the information from Youtube b. Once information is added, tap add stream c. Close settings menu d. In top right corner tap the stream toggle * The word "off" should change to "on" and the button should turn orange D. Wait about 30-60 seconds and the image should appear on your Youtube Stream.
How do I get scripts from my desktop into the Parrot App?
You will need to utilize our Dropbox integration to get scripts from a desktop into the Parrot App.
How to connect Dropbox to the Parrot App
To sync your Parrot Teleprompter app with Dropbox please follow these steps: a. Tap the Menu icon on the home screen of the Parrot App b. Tap Connect to Dropbox c. Login to your Dropbox account when prompted in your Dropbox account, a file called Apps will be created and within this file will be a folder called Parrot Teleprompter d. ​​​​Make sure your scripts are saved in a .txt format as other formats like .pdf and .doc will not be compatible. e. From here you will be able to either save .txt files to this folder from your computer, or if you type directly into the Parrot App, the files will upload from the app into this folder as well.