• Using Video in the Foreign Language Classroom

    Practice makes Perfect! It’s widely known that one of the most effective ways to learn a foreign language is to practice. This is why video lends itself very nicely to the foreign language classroom. No matter the project, video can help get students excited about speaking the language. Here are ... View Post
  • Bringing Excitement and Engagement to Social Studies with Video and Green Screen

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  • Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Student Broadcast Program

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  • The Gift of Video to Express Gratitude - The 21st Century Macaroni Necklace

    Creating gifts to express gratitude is a timeless classroom activity. We’ve all heard of (or even tried) styrofoam snowmen, painted rocks, bookmarks, pinecones and of course the dependable macaroni necklace. Well, now there’s a new gift in town that’s more personal than all of the above and costs... View Post
  • Q&A with Jessica Redcay Second Grade Teacher & College Adjunct

    Award-winning elementary school educator and college adjunct Jessica Redcay found her passion for teaching at a young age. Ever since then Ms. Redcay has dedicated her life to helping spark that love of learning in students through finding the best method of instruction for them. This led her to ... View Post