• Social Studies Video Project Ideas

    Incorporating video projects into the Social Studies classroom can be a fun and interactive way to engage your students. Allowing students to participate in the retelling of history will help them to not only research topics, but also retain what they have learned by making memories with their fe... View Post
  • Video Projects for the Science Classroom

    There’s a common misconception that green screen projects don’t belong in the Science classroom. Quite the opposite, green screen technology helps students take their Science projects to the next level and gain a greater understanding of scientific concepts. Check out the ideas below for inspirat... View Post
  • Time to Get Your Workspace Organized

    What is it about January that makes us want to clear the clutter and add ‘GET ORGANIZED’ to our Resolutions for the year? Maybe it’s the fact that most of us are indoors more and we are looking around at the stuff we haven’t found a place for since we bought it on ‘Cyber Monday’ a year ago. Or, m... View Post
  • Commit To These Filmmaking Habits in 2022

    It's time to make resolutions for the New Year! Here are five recommended filmmaking habits that the Padcaster team is planning to practice in the new year.  CHARGE I will CHARGE my devices every night. As a backup plan, I'll have an extra battery, charger, or power bank ready to go. Plus, I'll ... View Post
  • Halloween Green Screen Project Ideas

    It’s that time of year again. Dress up, costumes, candy, and spooky fun. Halloween is the perfect time of year to introduce some creative green screen projects!  Many educators like to plan green screen projects around certain times of the year or holidays, and Halloween is no exception.  The fo... View Post