• Introducing Creative License: Ep. 1 & 2

    Josh Apter, Founder and CEO of Padcaster, launches his new series Creative License where he helps teach you how to create better videos and answers all your content creation questions. This introductory episode features footage of the device that would eventually become the Padcaster as we ... View Post
  • The Balloon Festival

    Sophia Elacqua is an amateur vlogger and avid adventure seeker. Padcaster accompanied her on her most recent project to the 46th annual Adirondack Hot Air Balloon Festival in Warren County New York. Not only did she capture incredible footage from the ground, but she also got aerial shots from 1,... View Post
  • 8 Ways Padcaster Can Be Utilized in Education

     This video shows how schools all over the world are using Padcaster to keep up with some of the latest trends in education. Whether you’ve been a Padcaster user for years or are just now discovering the technology, hopefully this video inspires you with some new ideas. Morning Announcements: Ma... View Post
  • Stony Brook University Journalism Students Produce Two-Hour Live Election Coverage

    “....while main stations like News 12 had satellite trucks and all this equipment we were able to broadcast live back to the studio with just a backpack filled with equipment that took five minutes to assemble and even less time to put away.”  Karina Gerry, Stony Brook Student   Established in 20... View Post
  • Padcaster Now Available For the New 11-Inch iPad Pro!

    Padcaster® is turning things all the way up to 11 in 2019! Our product line now includes  Padcaster® for the new 11-inch iPad Pro. Mobile filmmakers can now take advantage of all of the latest features of the new iPad while still benefiting from Padcaster®’s extensive catalog of accessories. Laun... View Post

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