• Creative License: Ep 3. Padcaster Interview from TechDay

    The Padcaster team attends over 100 trade shows, conferences and events annually all over the world. This month, we had the opportunity to display our solutions at New York City’s TechDay. We thought we would mix it up and shoot Creative License live from the show floor.In this episode of Creativ... View Post
  • Hang Gliding With the Padcaster Verse

    This month Padcaster was fortunate enough to accompany Food Network producer and travel vlogger Isabelle Courtney on an afternoon video shoot, interviewing expert hang glider Jimmy Donovan. Courtney interviewed Donovan about his love for the high-flying sport as well as what it takes to allow a h... View Post
  • Q&A with Learning Technology Coach Violet Christensen

    This March Padcaster had the opportunity to sit down with Violet Christensen, a Learning and Technology Coach in the St. Vrain Valley School District in Longmont, CO, to learn all about how she utilizes Padcaster in her district. Violet’s career in EdTech centers around technology integration, in... View Post
  • Introducing Creative License: Ep. 1 & 2

    Josh Apter, Founder and CEO of Padcaster, launches his new series Creative License where he helps teach you how to create better videos and answers all your content creation questions. This introductory episode features footage of the device that would eventually become the Padcaster as we ... View Post
  • The Balloon Festival

    Sophia Elacqua is an amateur vlogger and avid adventure seeker. Padcaster accompanied her on her most recent project to the 46th annual Adirondack Hot Air Balloon Festival in Warren County New York. Not only did she capture incredible footage from the ground, but she also got aerial shots from 1,... View Post

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