• Creative License: Ep 3. Padcaster Interview from TechDay

    The Padcaster team attends over 100 trade shows, conferences and events annually all over the world. This month, we had the opportunity to display our solutions at New York City’s TechDay. We thought we would mix it up and shoot Creative License live from the show floor.In this episode of Creativ... View Post
  • Artist Karen Ivy Talks Shooting Her First Film With Padcaster

    Padcaster® accompanied Karen Ivy on her first mini-documentary, Mountain Dog, a short film that highlights local legend, Douglas Pirro, who enthusiastically serves hot-dogs from a panoramic peak on the Catskill Mountains. With the Verse™ Mobile Media Kit in hand, Karen was easily able to capture... View Post
  • Padcaster Attends IBC 2018

      In September of this year, Padcaster was fortunate enough to exhibit at IBC’s 2018 media, entertainment and technology conference in Amsterdam. This juncture of global broadcasting leaders was a not only a dynamic setting to meet our customers from all over the World but also an amazing opport... View Post
  • Behind-the-scenes at NAB 2018 with Padcaster Verse!

    Last month we launched Padcaster Verse at the 2018 NAB Show. See below for a quick behind-the-scenes look!    Thank you to everyone that came out to see us at the show.    View Post
  • Q&A with Murray Suid of MobileMovieMaking Magazine

    Murray Suid, filmmaker and founder of MobileMovieMaking Magazine, explains how and how and why he became passionate about making movies with mobile devices. Can you tell us a little about your background? After college, I began making 16mm short comedies, one of which earned the Special Jury Pri... View Post