Tutorials & Tips

  • Introducing Creative License: Ep. 1 & 2

    Josh Apter, Founder and CEO of Padcaster, launches his new series Creative License where he helps teach you how to create better videos and answers all your content creation questions. This introductory episode features footage of the device that would eventually become the Padcaster as we ... View Post
  • The Padcaster® Verse Mobile Media Kit

      We created the Padcaster® Verse™ Mobile Media Kit with the dynamic content creator in mind. Built to be portable, durable and most of all versatile, the Padcaster® Verse™ Mobile Media kit is perfect for Filmmakers, Video Bloggers, Mobile Journalists, Photographers, Educators, Live-Streamers or... View Post
  • The New Padcaster® Starter Kit

    The New Padcaster® Starter Kit has everything you need to jump into your next video project. Packed with the most crucial accessories, the Padcaster® Starter Kit is a turnkey solution for anyone who wants to turn their iPad into a mobile production studio. Founder and CEO Josh Apter walks you thr... View Post
  • Our New Favorite Padcaster® Accessories

    We launched our NEW Padcaster® Studio in September and one of our favorite parts about it is all of the awesome new features that come with it.  We’ve put together a few product tutorials to show you just how easy-to-use our NEW Studio is! The Tripod/Monopod  Portability is key to a successful... View Post
  • The New Padcaster® Studio

    Padcaster® is excited to introduce the new Studio! Packed with dynamic new features, filming your next project on an iPad is now easier than ever before. Watch as Padcaster® founder and CEO Josh Apter walks you through the simple set-up of the ruggedly efficient mobile film studio. Timestamps... View Post

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