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  • Learn Everything You Need to Know About How Teleprompters Work in Five Minutes or Less

    We all know that teleprompters can be incredibly helpful, but how do they actually work?  The way teleprompters work depends on the type of prompter you use, as well as the software and hardware that you use to operate it. We’ll focus (pun intended) on the types of cameras and teleprompters first... View Post
  • Weddings in the Time of Coronavirus: How Our Wedding Went Virtual

    Like many couples around the world, Randy and Kasey Enish were enthusiastically preparing to tie the knot in front of rows of family and friends. The last thing they were expecting to deal with was a global pandemic. While they planned to reschedule their reception, they didn’t want to wait to ge... View Post
  • Creative License Ep. 5: How to Make Your Students Feel More Comfortable On Camera

    In the fifth episode of Creative License, Padcaster founder and CEO Josh Apter discusses how to help students feel more comfortable on camera. These tips are universal and can easily be applied to everyone, not just students. Some people are just born feeling comfortable in front of the camera, ... View Post
  • Creative License 4: The Best Advice I Ever Got

    Being precise and meticulous is very important when it comes to making a film, but as host, Josh Apter discusses it is equally important to trust your instincts and be willing to break traditional filmmaking rules. The ability to react to unexpected challenges on set will not only help you become... View Post
  • Introducing Creative License: Ep. 1 & 2

    Josh Apter, Founder and CEO of Padcaster, launches his new series Creative License where he helps teach you how to create better videos and answers all your content creation questions. This introductory episode features footage of the device that would eventually become the Padcaster as we ... View Post