Padcaster Case


The NEW Padcaster Case is purpose-built from anodized aluminum, and now completely adjustable!

The NEW Padcaster Case securely fits ANY IPAD from the largest 12.9” iPad Pro to the  legacy 9.7” iPads and everything in between! The NEW Padcaster Case is also compatible with many popular non-Apple tablets.

It’s still packed with features, including 16 threaded mounting holes lining its edges for attaching external microphones, lights, optics and countless other accessories.  With its unique tripod thread and locking pin notch, the NEW Padcaster Case can be securely attached to the Padcaster Fluid-Head Tripod/Monopod or any other support system.  An articulating 37mm lens bracket allows you to attach most thread-mount lenses, including the Padcaster wide angle and telephoto lenses.