Meet The New Padcaster Studio!

We have exciting news! We have taken our already multifaceted studio and added even more tools to make it absolutely essential for the on-the-go filmmaker. Our new studio aims to make life easier so you can you focus less on equipment and more on creating.


The New Padcaster Studio

The New Padcaster Studio is keeping all of your favorite features but now comes with a few exciting new elements to take the quality of your projects to the next level. These crucial components of the New Studio include a Supershade sun hood, more robust dolly wheels, a state-of-the-art ultra portable combination Tripod/Monopod, stereo on-ear headphones, and 2X telephoto lens. It’s now easier than ever before to create professional video anywhere and anyway you want. All you need is an iPad and your imagination!  

The New Padcaster Supershade

The New Padcaster Supershade is a combination of four dynamic products in one. It is a sunshade that blocks out bright light when shooting outside, a privacy barrier, an integrated stand for viewing your footage, and a protective hard case. Using it is as simple as opening the top and locking the sides to create total coverage from unwanted light and a barrier from unwelcome bystanders. Flipping the Supershade upside down transforms it into a stand on which to review your latest creation in real time. When you’re finished simply fold in the flaps and snap the lid closed and you have a super secure case to protect your iPad on your way to your next location.

The New Padcaster Dolly

The improved Padcaster Dolly was designed for maximum portability between locations, so you can spend less time moving equipment and more time working on your masterpiece. It is an adjustable tripod dolly with ball-bearing rubber/metal wheels and can be used with all standard tripods including the Padcaster Tripod/Monopod. The Dolly’s 2-inch wheels also have "step on brakes" that can lock and unlock their rolling and swivel movements as needed.  When you aren't using the dolly, it conveniently folds to a compact 17 inches for easy transport with a carry handle to grab it and go.

The New Padcaster Tripod/Monopod

The new Padcaster® compact Tripod/Monopod is rugged, portable and packed with amazing features! Built to be tough, yet versatile, the new Tripod/Monopod is the perfect accessory for our iPad line, Verse for smartphones or anyone with a camera and a story to tell. Made entirely of aluminum, it’s ready for anything and its back-folding legs make it small enough to clip right onto your backpack. The two ball level adjustments ensure your shot’s level, even when the ground under you may not be. With its three-section legs and telescoping center column, the Padcaster Tripod/Monopod can extend to 71 inches, while also folding down to only 22 inches for compact travel. It can also transform from a standard tripod into an ultra-portable Monopod making it the go-to accessory for any creative undertaking.


We’re thrilled to share these fun new products with you. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments!


 By Marin Morales

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