Meet Padcaster VERSE

The first all-in-one mobile media system built for any smartphone

Turn your iPad into a mobile media powerhouse.

Capture video like a pro with the rugged, elegant, and versatile Padcaster.

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Lead the next generation of digital learners.

Turn your classroom into a professional mobile studio with the versatile Padcaster

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Transform your iPad into a professional DIY video production studio.

From constructing high-quality video content for your website to producing webinars, seminars, events, training, and video depositions, the Padcaster replaces your external video production firm.

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Meet the Padcaster


Featured in Apple’s “Your Verse” international advertising campaign for the original iPad Air, as well as the iPad Air 2 “Change” campaign, and Visa’s “Visa Checkout” campaign, The Padcaster is a patented, rugged multifunctional iPad case that transforms the iPad into an all-in-one mobile production studio.

The Padcaster enables consumers to shoot, edit and upload video on the fly – or stream live right from the iPad. More than an innovative way to mount an iPad to a tripod, The Padcaster transforms the iPad into an all-in-one production tool.


Padcaster’s steel-reinforced 1/4-20 thread connects to any standard tripod or monopod, giving you the stability and confidence to capture the perfect shot.


Record professional audio with a variety of options. Padcaster’s unidirectional microphone ensures your subject can be heard above the crowd. The dual microphone and headphone jack connects easily and securely so you can monitor your recordings live. Want a wireless lavaliere or hand-held microphone?  Already have your own? No Problem! Padcaster works with hundreds of microphones and iOS audio interfaces.


Attach various lighting solutions directly to the frame to improve video quality.  Padcaster’s LED is a variable brightness LED with a huge throw in a tiny package. With an included cold shoe adapter, you can attach almost any light anywhere on the Padcaster.


Every Padcaster includes a laser-cut steel lens bracket with a 72mm lens thread and a 72-58mm step-down ring. Our lens bracket accepts a variety of wide and telephoto options and Padcaster’s .45 wide-angle lens is also included to get you started.


With 24 threaded holes around its frame, there is always room to attach your favorite accessories to the Padcaster, or to mount the Padcaster just about anywhere! We’ve seen our product mounted on cars, off the side of a Mardi Gras float, used as a teleprompter and even to assist the disabled as a wheelchair mounted mobile solution.


Our urethane insert holds the iPad securely while providing easy reach to volume controls, power button, headphone jack and lightning port. Milled through-holes in Padcaster’s rugged aluminum frame are large enough to fit most professional gauge cables and provide a secure barrier to protect against loose connections.


A rugged, commercial grade aluminum frame and flexible urethane insert make Padcaster both lightweight and extremely resilient. Once you have securely installed your iPad, you can focus your attention on creating video that inspires.


You’ve heard the saying “Fast, Cheap, Good – pick two” right? Not anymore. With Padcaster, iPad and your favorite apps you get full HD video, pro audio and all the quality you expect from any great camera.


Go straight from production to post with iMovie and edit on the fly. iPad’s retina display makes it easy to see all the details and when you’re done with your film, share it instantly right from your tablet directly to Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook.


Go live at the touch of a button and share the moment. Padcaster is the perfect solution for iPad live streaming. It’s even a multi-camera switcher for your next professional live production – all connected over wifi!

The Padcaster - $399

The Padcaster transforms your iPad into an all-in-one mobile production studio that is rugged, elegant and versatile so you can create professional quality video content that inspires. With the included wide-angle lens, Padcaster shotgun microphone and dual mic/headphone cable, all you need is an iPad and your imagination. Use with your favorite apps to shoot, edit and upload video on the fly – or stream live right from the iPad.

Includes: Padcaster Case; Lens Bracket with 72-58mm step-down ring; .45 wide-angle lens, Padcaster unidirectional microphone; Dual mic and headphone cable; Four (4) lens bracket mounting screws; One (1) custom camera cage screw; One (1) cold shoe adapter.

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