Case Study: Sheila Wysocki & the Without Warning Podcast

Sheila Wysocki is a mother of two and an accomplished private detective. It’s rare to see these two epithets applied to the same woman, but Sheila is far from ordinary.  After solving her former roommate’s murder, a case that had gone cold for more than 25 years, Sheila has been devoted to detective work, founding the non-profit Without Warning: Fight Back. She uses this as an outlet for advocating for victims of crime as well as the inspiration for her podcast of the same name: Without Warning. She is a licensed professional investigator, who gets to the truth no matter how long it takes.

Talking to Sheila, it is clear she makes no distinction between her life as a mom and her life as a professional investigator. In fact, her motherly instincts influence her investigative work, as she often relies on her gut feelings to guide her through reviewing reports and analyzing evidence. Sheila has a remarkable way of solving her cases using what she calls her secret weapon of dyslexia. She sees cases in a way that isn’t the norm, and instead of viewing it as a disability, she considers it her unique ability to see. She is widely known for what she does, having appeared on Anderson Cooper, Dateline, Katie Couric, Biography, ABC’s 20/20, Crime Watch Daily, Criminal and numerous other podcasts.  She has also been featured in the Washington Post.

Sheila’s goal was to shed light on unsolved cases and hoped by documenting these stories, she would be able to humanize them and pique public interest.  Sheila’s passion for providing closure for the families and victims led her to create “Without Warning”.“Without Warning” started as an audio podcast and has allowed listeners to decide who is telling the truth, who isn’t, and reveals critical facts and evidence pertinent to investigations.  Sheila recognized the next logical step was incorporating video into “Without Warning” to help provide clarity around the entire criminal investigation process.

Sheila turned to Padcaster to solve her video production needs. The Padcaster Studio quickly and easily enabled her to capture compelling video to help bring these tragic stories to life.  In addition to filming the podcast, she was also able to livestream “Without Warning” and share the videos on social media. Sheila has been pleasantly surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response she has received from not only the Private Investigator world but also the increased level of public engagement video affords.    

With Padcaster, Sheila is able to:

  • Add a video component to her Podcast “Without Warning”
  • Provide her followers with a compelling visual journey into the investigation of unsolved cases
  • Share key evidence and pictures from the crime scenes 
  • Live-stream discussions and seek input on cases
  • Feature videos on social media to help generate awareness

Sharing the unspoken truth, driving accountability and cracking these unsolved cases is enabling real change within the criminal investigative process. Padcaster has enabled Sheila to quickly and easily create video content for her Podcast, “Without Warning”, and bring greater awareness to the realities of these unsolved crimes. Continuously sharing details, reviewing evidence, and providing facts helps Sheila expand her audience and ultimately crack more unsolved cases. Padcaster's elegantly simple solution provides Sheila with an excellent video production tool that can be used on the go.

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