Troubleshooting: Green Screen

Here are some common green screen problems and easy ways to fix them! 

Problem: The subject escapes the green screen area, cutting off part of their body.

Solution: It’s hard for the subject to know where they are in relation to the green screen because it is typically behind them. Rehearse the scene so the subject knows where they can and can’t go, and draw lines with tape on the ground to help remind them.

Problem: Green comes through in the spaces between strands of the subject’s hair.

Solution: Hair is notoriously challenging because the spaces in between hairs can be so small. The easiest way to fix this is simply to keep hairspray and hats available on set. 

Problem: The subject casts visible shadows on to the green screen. 

Solution: It’s important to make sure the green screen is lit evenly throughout in order to prevent shadows. If your green screen is large enough you can also try moving the subject further away from the green screen.

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