Welcoming Summer - A look back at last summer with Lighthouse Education

As we welcome in summer 2018, let's take a look back at one example of how Padcaster was used last summer. In this interview with Craig Keer of Lighthouse Education, learn how they made learning fun with Padcaster at their summer camps.  

What were some of the highlights of your summer? 

We have fully utilized the Padcaster Ultimate Studio to document all of our activities from coding robotics to designing and engineering little bits Light up Swords. We always have included videography as part of specific Sportscaster and Newscaster Jr Classes.

What was it like using Padcaster at these camps? 

It opened our eyes to the fact that kids of all ages love being in front of the camera.  For formative assessment purposes, students truly tell you what they know when documented on video.  It is natural for both outgoing and introverted students.

Tell me about one thing you learned as you first started out with Padcaster? 

It is so easy to use and allows students to come out of their shells. Green screen and video editing is incredibly intuitive for students. Each video became better and better! 

Do you have any green screen tips? 

We learned that our Robotic and Coding Mats that were green make the perfect Green Screen.  By complete accident, we blended the two to some amazing results.  I guess we hacked our Robotic & Coding Mats into green screens! 

Do you have any other advice for educators starting to incorporate video production into their programs?

Let your students make all of the videos for your classroom.  Literally, they know more than you do!  


Stay tuned for our next post for more summer ideas!

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