8 Ways Padcaster Can Be Utilized in Education

 This video shows how schools all over the world are using Padcaster to keep up with some of the latest trends in education. Whether you’ve been a Padcaster user for years or are just now discovering the technology, hopefully this video inspires you with some new ideas.

Morning Announcements:

Many schools are moving towards student-produced video announcements, opting to leave stale loudspeaker announcements and printed bulletins in the past. Not only will students get valuable experience producing their own morning show, but other students are much more likely to pay attention.

Flipped Learning:

Not all students can always be in one place at the same time. Whether it’s due to a health concern, travel or other extenuating circumstances, the strain of a student’s absence can be alleviated when the teacher records a video of their lecture. Some schools are using Padcaster to fully flip their classrooms, meaning teachers create instructional videos for all students to watch at home, so that they can spend classroom time working directly with students instead of lecturing.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are pillars of 21st-century education. Video can be integrated nicely into all of these subjects, especially when production is simplified by Padcaster. Plus, students who might not be naturally drawn to STEM can get involved through video projects.


The maker movement is all about empowering students to create instead of just consume. Padcaster is the perfect addition to any makerspace. In addition to specific video production projects, students can be tasked with recording various makerspace projects to demonstrate their learning and share the project with others.

Digital Storytelling:

Digital storytelling, the practice of telling stories using computer-based tools such as video, can be incorporated into the curriculum of Language Arts, Foreign Language, Social Studies, History, Humanities and more. Telling stories through video provides a more visual alternative to traditional learning. In this video’s example, sixth-grade students reenact the story of Pandora’s Box in their classics class.

Principal’s Message:

Oftentimes a principal or other administrator needs to address their community. Instead of sending an email, the administrator can create a short video to spread the word with a more engaging, personalized touch. Plus, with the Parrot Teleprompter, there’s no need to memorize any lines.  


The theater is just one of the many extracurricular activities that can benefit from Padcaster. Not only can Padcaster help film performances, but it can also be used as a teaching tool by recording rehearsals. Students watching back their practices and identifying where they can improve is an invaluable learning experience.  

Student Newscasts:

In addition to using Padcaster for morning announcements to send out to the entire school, students can demonstrate their knowledge through short newscasts in a variety of classes. For example, instead of a static report explaining how a historical event played out, they can go back in time and produce a newscast as if they were there when it was happening.

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