• Padcaster Parrot Smartphone Teleprompter

    The world's most portable and affordable teleprompter.

"The ability to engage with our audience by looking directly at the camera without memorizing lines is invaluable."

Zee PoerioK-8 Technology Teacher, Pittsburgh, PA

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have them.

Where do I start?

Get started quickly and easily with our Quick Start Guide.

What devices can I use to run the teleprompter?

The teleprompter is compatible with iPod touches and all smartphones including iPhone and Android. The phone does not need a SIM card as long as you are able to connect to the app store to download the app. 

How do I get the Parrot app for iPhone?

Head on over to the App Store!

How do I get the Parrot app for Android?

Head on over to the Google Play Store !

Can I control the teleprompter while I’m speaking?

The Parrot™ Remote connects with the teleprompter over bluetooth and allows you to control the teleprompter while you’re speaking. You can control the size and the speed of the text remotely. 

How do I know the size of my camera's lens?

It's usually very easy to determine the outside diameter of your camera's lens. Start by looking at the front or side of the lens. If you see a number that starts with the character symbol Ø, for example Ø49mm written on your lens, it simply means that the lens has 49mm threads to screw on a filter that is 49mm in diameter.