Padcaster Verse Mobile Media Kit for Smartphones

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Turn any smartphone into a full-production video camera.

Padcaster Verse Mobile Media Kit is the ultimate turnkey solution for any smartphone content creator. Elegantly simple, the Verse Mobile Media Kit adapts to any smartphone and includes key accessories to help you create professional-quality videos on the go. Whether you're livestreaming from home or creating dynamic content on location, the Verse Mobile Media Kit dramatically upgrades the stability and audio quality of your videos. 

Works With Any Smartphone

At the Verse Mobile Media Kit’s core is the handheld Verse Grip, compatible with almost any smartphone. Whether you are looking for an iPhone filming kit or a smartphone filming kit, the Verse Grip’s ergonomic design allows you to easily shoot photos and videos with one hand. With its three integrated cold shoe mounts, you can add mics and lights without having to bring extra gear. 

Stabilizes Videography  

The Padcaster X-POD is a small yet powerful mini tripod and pistol-grip combo. The Padcaster X-Pod has a 90° tilt, 360° rotation and a built-in power bank to keep your device charged. Also included is the Padcaster Verse G-Pod, an ultra-flexible grip and ball-head tripod that doubles as a stand or handgrip. It’s perfect for extending your reach and filming selfies.

Improves Audio Quality 

The Verse Mobile Media Kit’s self-powered Padcaster Mini Microphone features a shock mount to reduce unwanted handling noise and a thick outdoor windscreen to ensure you’ll be heard clearly even in windy environments. The highly versatile Mini Microphone is compatible with smartphones, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs and more. With the dual Microphone/Headphone Splitter, seamlessly connect your Mini Microphone and headphones to your smartphone.  

Easy to Use

Built for filmmakers, mobile journalists (mojos), vloggers, schools, corporations and anyone who wants to broadcast video content. 

Want to see how the mobile media kit works with your smartphone? See how Padcaster Verse works.

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Verse Grip and cage with 4 mounts for accessories

Mini mic with shock mount and windscreen

X-Pod tripod/pistol-grip combo

G-Pod flexible tripod

Dual mic/headphone splitter