Padcaster App Features

Here you will find some helpful videos detailing how to use all the features of the Padcaster App. In the first video we walk through the basics of the Padcaster App. Then below we discuss the features of the Pro version of the Padcaster App, including Chroma Key, Lower Thirds, Livestreaming and Image Overlay. Read more about these features and watch the videos below.


Learn how to use the simple, built-in Chroma Key/Green Screen feature. We cover how to add a still photo or video background, select color and fine tune with the color wheel, and troubleshoot your green screen work so that it looks sharp and professional.


Padcaster Pro allows you to add titles and lower thirds to your videos without needing to do so in post production. With 10 preset styles, easily customize your titles to create your own look and feel. 

Streaming live to facebook, YouTube or a custom RTMP network has never been easier. Here we walk through how to stream to facebook step-by-step.


Add your company or school logo, graphic or any other image directly to your video with the Image Overlay feature. In this tutorial we detail how to do so from start to finish, explaining how to create the image overlay and how to add it to your videos.