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The world’s most affordable and portable  teleprompter - even better!


Completely redesigned, thoughtfully reimagined and still reinventing the way we make video. The Parrot Pro is a major improvement on our original patented design. Back this project.





Tell your story better and faster! Speak naturally while looking right at the lens and connecting directly with your audience. 



Made by the team at Padcaster,  the ALL NEW Parrot Pro is a patented, ultra-compact, rugged, simple to use Teleprompter that transforms any IOS, Android smartphone into storytelling powerhouse.



Loved by customers all over the world, The Parrot Teleprompter has been praised time and again as an essential part of any video creator's kit! 


In CNBC news studios, travel vlogger backpacks and everywhere in between, The Parrot Teleprompter has been called a, "Must-have accessory," "A game changer for content creators," and "The best hundred dollars I've ever spent!" 


Here are just a few of the many glowing reviews The Parrot Teleprompter has recevied over the years:



And this phenomenal review from Ripple Training



Here is another by Cory Mayo 



So why improve the Parrot Teleprompter?  iOS and Android smartphones are constantly evolving, and camera technology is more affordable and easier to use than ever. 


It's our job to innovate alongside the latest and most popular tools used by content creators - to keep you up to date with the latest technology so you can produce the highest quality videos for your audience.



Imitated but unequalled, our Patented design makes using a professional telepromopter intuitive and easy - you'll be ready to roll in less than one minute!  

  • Screw the Parrot Mounting Ring on to the front thread of almost any lens.
  • Slide the Parrot Pro down over the ring until it locks in place.
  • Lower the front cover - also the smartphone clamp -  and deploy stabilizing tabs.
  • Insert your smartphone and tighten the clamp unti your phone is secure. 
  • Launch our FREE Parrot App for iOS or Android, connect our Bluetooh Remote and roll camera!! 



We spent 5 years collecting feedback from users and redesigned the Parrot Pro from the ground up to make it last a lifetime. The Parrot Pro comes with a lifetime warranty!!

  • Ultra compact professional teleprompter
  • Fits any smartphone or monitor up to 4.2 inches wide (check specs)
  • Measures approx 6.5x5.5x3 inches
  • Attaches Directly to lens filter thread with Patented Direct Lens Mount System
  • Attaches to a stand or tripod with integrated 1/4-20 Mount
  • Professional quality 30R/70T beam splitter glass
  • Made of coated, durable ABS poly-carbonate
  • Includes custom padded carry case
  • Packs away as single self-contained unit



Download the full Padcaster press and  media kit. HERE 



New to Kickstarter? No problem. Kickstarter is an amazing platform that  allows creators like us to crowdfund their new and innovative projects. Follow  these simple steps to get your own Parrot Pro Teleprompter.



Most professional teleprompters cost thousands of dollars and require tools & effort to set up - an expensive, time consuming headache that gets in the way of your creativity.

The Parrot Pro uses the same 30R/70T beam splitter glass as teleprompters costing ten times as much. With a setup in under one minute, you're ready to roll faster with technology that's simple and intuitive.



The Parrot Pro Teleprompter empowers content creators, helping them engage directly and personally with their audience.  Used by everyone from home vloggers and professional videographers, to enterprise corporations and international news organizations, The Parrot Pro makes  creative work faster, easier and more accessible. 



Food vloggers Isabelle and Cesar are focused and playful while never missing a line.



Voiceover coach Shelly, builds her brand with regular tutorials - on point and on script.



Cat trains her yoga class and easily explains some sophisticated meditation concepts.



Mobile journalism stand-ups are incredilbly easy with the Parrot Pro. When the scipt is ready, just load it into the app, roll camera and deliver!



The Parrot Pro Teleprompter is for content creators who eager to connect with their audience at a personal and professional level - YouTube creators, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Live and much more.  


 JSyntax : ESSENTIAL for Content Creators



Kurtis & Chelsey: Film Your Videos FAST!!!!



Amanda Horvath: Naturally Read a Video Script (Without Doing One Million Takes)



 Manny Ortiz: This is how I film my YouTube Videos:



To engage with an audience by looking directly at the camera without memorizing lines is invaluable. I didn't just design it, I use it every day!



Not only does the Parrot Pro work with your favorite smatphone, it works with almost any phone out there! From the smallest mini to the largest MAX - even those folding models work - the new Parrot pro will securely hold any phone (or portable monitor) up to five inches in depth. 


Here are just some of the phone models that fit the Parrot Pro:

Universal Parrot Teleprompter Mount

The Padcaster Universal Parrot Teleprompter Mount provides a versatile solution for using your  Parrot Teleprompter on non-standard cameras and cameras without threaded  lenses. Easily attach the Parrot Teleprompter to smartphones, point-and-shoot  cameras, camcorders, GoPros, webcams, action cams, and laptop  computers with the adjustable arm and universal mount assembly, the  included Padcaster Verse Smartphone Grip or lens clip with 37mm mounting  ring.


Check out how the Universal Parrot Teleprompter Mount works for Action-Cams, Webcams and Point-and Shoot cameras.

Universal Parrot Adapter with a Point and Shoot Camera:



Universal Parrot Adapter with a Webcam:



Universal Parrot Adapter with a GoPro:



Universal Parrot Adapter with Laptop Camera:


Parrot Bluetooth Remote 

Save time and improve your videos by controlling your teleprompter script remotely!


The Parrot Teleprompter Remote works  exclusively with the Parrot Teleprompter and allows you to control the  Teleprompter script remotely. This saves time and helps make scripts  sound more natural. 


Never miss a line again with the free Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter App

Padcaster’s free teleprompter app for iOS and Android turns any mobile device into a miniature professional teleprompter.

  • Control the scroll speed, size and color of your text
  • Synchronize with DropBox
  • Loop your script
  • Save your scripts directly in the app
  • Turn mirror mode on or off
  • Control the margins to fit your screen size



We’re dedicated to delivering the Parrot Pro Teleprompter just like we did with our previous products right here on Kickstarter. We are expecting to deliver the Parrot  Pro in July 2023. We will publish updates on the progress throughout and after the campaign ends to keep you all informed.





Padcaster democratizes professional quality video production with patented hardware & software that transforms mobile devices into turnkey video production solutions.



Please note that the pledge amount does NOT include shipping or taxes. These costs will be charged when we are ready to ship your package. Since shipping rates fluctuate constantly, we want to lock in the cheapest and most secure rates for you. We will send you a survey where you will be able to provide your address and pay for your preferred shipping method right before we are ready to ship your order.

We have accounts with major shipping companies such as UPS, FEDEX, DHL, and USPS. During our first and Second Kickstarter campaigns, we shipped most items using UPS and FEDEX. Our U.S. backers received their rewards within two (2) to three (3) days of shipping which included  tracking and insurance, we will continue to do the same.

For our International backers, we used a combination of FEDEX, DHL, UPS, and USPS, and most backers received their rewards within two (2) to three (3)  weeks of shipping. Please reach out to us if you wish to use a specific shipping company. 



Our Lifetime Warranty means that you have time to open the package and inspect it for manufacturing defects and (if need be) to send it back to us for a replacement. All products eventually show signs of wear, and damages and  wear-and-tear are not covered under Parrot Pro's lifetime warranty. The item must be unused and still in its original box.

Any approved exchange will be shipped at no additional cost to you but you will need to ship the package to our warehouse. Our address is: The Padcaster Inc. 340 Nina Way, Warminster, PA 18974.

For damaged/defective items please contact us directly.


Our warehouse and HQ in Warminster, PA


Our support team is happy to assist you with any of your Padcaster questions. 

  • Hardware Support:
  • Software Support:



Spreading the loveT about he Padcaster Parrot Pro boosts engagement, feelings of satisfaction, and contributes to a strong community culture.


Special Thanks

Special thanks to the amazing team at Padcaster for all the time, effort and hard work getting this campaign off the ground. Thanks to Brigham Arce, an incredible collaborator without whom there'd be no Parrot Teleprompter to improve upon. Thanks to John El Hanafi, who taught me more about how Kickstarter works than I'll ever know, this project owes everything to your guidance, insight, encouragement and expertise. And thanks to the Kickstarer community, both the people who developed it and you out there who back our ideas - you support  our dreams and help make them come true.


Risks and challenges


No project is without risk and challenges but we will do our absolute best to minimize them. We are an established business with thousands of customers worldwide and we feel that we have done all the necessary work prior to launching our Kickstarter to ensure smooth production and delivery The Padcaster Parrot Pro Teleprompter Kit product that you see in this Kickstarter is an actual working prototype. We have sent dozens of samples to customers and ambassadors for testing and the feedback was astonishing. With your support, we can bring the Padcaster Parrot Pro Teleprompter Kit to all our users worldwide. We have started mass production and your pledge will help us keep the Pro Teleprompter cost very low. We’re dedicated to delivering an amazing product again, and you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to fulfill and deliver a high quality product, on time. We work and collaborate very closely with the best manufacturers in the world to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We promise to keep you informed at all times and on every step of the production line. Our backers will be the first to get a glimpse, including photos and videos of everything that we do, so you can follow up with us with questions, make comments, and track our progress.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Padcaster?

Padcaster - the leading provider of end-to-end professional mobile video solutions - designs, develops and manufactures innovative, patented hardware and software products for high-quality video production and content creation. Padcaster’s full product line includes solutions for the flagship Padcaster for iPads; Verse for mobile phones; Parrot for teleprompters; and a full line of branded accessories, software, and apps.

I have never heard of your company, are there any reviews I can check out?

Of Course! You can check out Padcaster reviews on Google. Just enter “Padcaster reviews” and you’ll see a ton of great info

Are there any products out there like the Parrot Pro Teleprompter?

Padcaster holds the design and utility patents on any teleprompter that attaches to a lens using a threaded mounting ring. There have been a few counterfeiters out there, and we’ve been trying to stop them since we spotted them. So if you see something that looks like a Parrot or Parrot Pro, please know that their product is a patent violation, a counterfeit and illegal.

Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes, we do! We ship our products worldwide. We ship from our warehouse in Warminster PA 18974 using UPS, FEDEX and USPS when appropriate.

What’s your return policy?

We will do exchanges for defective products and returns if needed. International orders are final.

What is your lifetime warranty policy?

Our warranty means that you have a lifetime to open the package and inspect it for manufacturing defects and send it back to us for a replacement. Any item sent for an exchange must be unused and still have all of the original packaging.

Are International duties and Taxes included?

Taxes, VAT and import duties are already included and paid for when we ship the packages, However, we do not have any control over what your local customs office might charge. Please check in with your local post office and ask them questions on any additional charges.

Do you provide tracking for packages?

Yes, all packages have insurance and tracking # so it’s easier for you to track it and collect it.

Where re you located?

Padcaster is headquartered in New York City and Philadelphia, with our fulfillment center in Warminster PA. Our address is: The Padcaster Inc. 340 Nina Way, Warminster, PA 18974.

What’s the best way to reach you?

Email or social media is the best way to reach out to us. We are always active on Instagram and other social media platforms.