Padcaster Verse Vlogger Kit


Turn your smartphone into a stable livestreaming video camera.

The Padcaster Verse Vlogger is the perfect video solution for content creators or anyone wishing to create high-quality video on a smartphone. The Verse Vlogger includes key accessories to give your videos superior audio and stabilization in any situation. 

Verse Vlogger Adapts to Most Smartphones

At the Verse Vlogger’s core is the handheld Verse Grip, compatible with almost any make and model smartphone. The Verse Grip’s ergonomic design allows you to easily shoot photos and videos with one hand. With its three integrated mounts,, you can add mics and accessories to create professional-quality videos. 

Verse Vlogger Boosts Your Audio 

The Verse Vlogger’s self-powered Padcaster Mini Microphone features a  shock mount to reduce handling noises and a thick outdoor windscreen to ensure clear sound, even on the windiest days. The highly versatile Mini Microphone is compatible with smartphones, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs and more. With the Dual Microphone/Headphone Splitter, you can seamlessly connect your Mini Microphone and headphones to your smartphone. 

Verse Vlogger Stabilizes Your Video 

The Padcaster Verse G-Pod is an ultra-flexible grip and ball-head tripod that doubles as a stand or handgrip that’s perfect for extending your reach and filming selfies.

See how Padcaster Verse works.

Got a larger tablet or iPad? No problem. Our Padcaster Starter Kit is all you need.


Verse Grip

G-Pod flexible tripod

Mini microphone with windscreen