Padcaster Studio For Tablets

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Transform your iPad into an all-in-one mobile production suite with the Padcaster Studio. Perfect for schools, broadcast journalists, companies of all types and sizes, and more, the Padcaster Studio lets you create professional-quality videos from anywhere. 

The entire Studio is built around the Padcaster Case, the most rugged, versatile and secure iPad support of its kind. The Padcaster Case provides you with the ability to attach a wide variety of key video production accessories that will dramatically improve the quality of your video content. 

Included in the Studio's comprehensive ecosystem are an extensive array of audio and video accessories:

Audio Accessories

The Padcaster Studio includes three microphones so you can capture high-quality audio in any filming situation:(1) hand-held Stick Microphone, (2) clip-on Lavalier Microphone, and (3) a camera-mounted Mini Microphone. Each mic provides a purpose-built solution to recording the best possible audio. Also included are the Stereo Headphones and wireless headset for sound monitoring and the Dual Microphone/Headphone Splitter seamlessly connects your microphones and headphones to your iPad. 

Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter Kit

The world’s most portable teleprompter, the Parrot Teleprompter lets you use your smartphone to speak naturally while looking directly into the camera lens. Download the free Parrot Teleprompter App for IOS or Android to easily import scripts, edit font size and change scroll speed. Use the Parrot Bluetooth Remote to control everything wirelessly and the Parrot Glass Cleaning Kit to keep your Parrot clean. 

Optics Accessories 

Dramatically increase your iPad’s field of view with the Padcaster Wide Angle Lens. Unscrew the front portion and transform your wide-angle lens into a Macro Lens for close up focus and shallow depth of field. The Padcaster Telephoto Lens provides you with double the iPad’s standard lens’s field of view so you can capture your subject from a greater distance. 

Stability & Mobility Accessories 

The durable, Padcaster Fluid-Head Tripod/Monopod was built with stability and versatility in mind. It features a fluid pan-and-tilt head and can convert into a monopod or fold up to easily clip on the Padcaster Backpack. 

Also included, the adjustable length locking Padcaster Tripod Dolly wheels, which provide maximum portability. 

Lighting Accessories

Mountable anywhere around the Padcaster Case, the Padcaster LED Light features a variable brightness control, daylight-balanced light and a swivel neck for easy positioning. 

Padcaster Green Screen Kit 

The Padcaster Green Screen Kit is the perfect portable backdrop. At 5’x7’, the Padcaster Green Screen sets up and folds easily and can be hung vertically or horizontally from the included Padcaster Universal Stand. 

Protection & Portability

Made from rugged waterproof nylon, the Padcaster Camera Backpack is fully padded and features five Velcro dividers to keep all your Padcaster Studio accessories protected and organized. The Padcaster Backpack also comes with a raincover and a removable zipper pouch for additional internal storage.


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*Padcaster Studio for iPad 10.5", iPad Air 10.5", and iPad 11" do not include the lens sticker as it is not required for these models.