5 Back to School Video Ideas

Summer is officially over and the new school year has begun. Here are five fun ways to take advantage of video and show off your school's creativity! 

Welcome Video

Start the new semester off right with a friendly Welcome Video featuring staff, facilities, and exciting upcoming events. This would be a great opportunity to showcase your school’s distinct personality and mission statement as well as welcoming new students to your campus. Since filming on an iPad is simple and user-friendly, students and staff will have no trouble creating a friendly and unique video message.

State of the Union Address From Your Principal

What better way to introduce the head of your school than to have them give their own live (or pre-recorded) State of the Union? A fun play on the political tradition will not only lend a bit of gravitas to the beginning of the year but will also give your principal the opportunity to show off what makes them stand out. With Padcaster® easy to use green-screen, placing your principal on the presidential podium can be as simple as opening the right app.

Morning Announcements or Morning Show

Upgrade your morning announcements to a short televised broadcast and give your students the opportunity to create their very own Today Show or Good Morning America. With the help of Padcaster® Parrot teleprompter and various microphones options, creating your school’s very own newsroom will be a fun and educational opportunity for your students. The morning announcements will give them a guaranteed captive audience to showcase their new skills.

School Safety Video

School safety is an extremely important but can sometimes be a dry topic for students. Instead, you could use this as a fun collaboration opportunity for staff and students. With the Padcaster® Studio, filming and producing an informative and engaging film has never been easier. By bringing in the students to help, they will not only learn more about this vital topic but also help create something that they can be proud of.

Student Created Commercials

With the new school year starting, your student clubs and organizations will be looking to take new members and a short commercial is the perfect way to get the student body excited and encourage engagement. Students and advisors can easily collaborate with the Padcaster® Studio and produce some fun content to attract new members.


By Marin Morales

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