Engage Remote Employees Using Video

In today’s modern workforce, working remotely is no longer the exception, but the norm. According to a recent survey by International Workforce Place Group (IWG) nearly 70% of employees worldwide work remotely at least one day a week and 53% of employees work remotely a few times a week.  With the increase in the remote workforce, video has become a critical communication tool for companies.

Here are five ways video is being used to keep remote employees informed, connected and engaged.

On-Boarding New Hires

No matter how much experience a new hire comes with, getting them up to speed quickly and efficiently is key. Video training helps make the learning curve manageable. Sharing company values and meeting teams via video enables remote new hires to quickly gain insight into the company and learn personalities. Here are some suggestions to include in new hire culture video trainings.

  • Warm personal welcome from the CEO
  • Inspirational story about working at the company
  • Informative piece on company mission, vision and values
  • Insightful virtual office tour providing a glimpse of the day in the life 
  • Introduction to teams, explaining responsibilities and sharing available resources

Sharing Best Practices

New hires spend a tremendous amount of time seeking relevant information and figuring out the best approach for completing a process or task. Most of the time there is a seasoned team member who has perfected these processes or tasks and would welcome the opportunity to share their tips. Sharing best practice videos with new hires not only increases efficiency, but also fosters knowledge transfer. Additionally, it helps document company procedures and tasks and video can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The ability to quickly share innovative and creative ideas is an easy way to drive exceptional results. 

Sponsoring Lunch and Learns

Lunch and learns to provide informal training opportunities for an employee or outside expert to come share ideas, discuss a topic or train a new skill. This is the perfect opportunity to make the session available to everyone and live-stream the event. These informal trainings are a great way to reinforce company culture and increase company morale. Remote employees will appreciate learning something new, and video will make them feel more connected to the rest of the team. 

Recognizing Employees

Employee recognition and awards celebrate the success of individuals and the positive impact they have on an organization. It’s also an opportunity to show the rest of the company the type of work being done and reinforce the type of work and behaviors the company values. Using video makes these successes visible and can be delivered in a meaningful and personable manner. Having leadership personally, recognize the individual for their work helps keep remote workers connected and appreciated. 

Hosting All-Hands Meetings

All-hands meetings are a great platform to discuss company goals, challenges, and achievements. Live streaming these meetings enables employees to plug-in from anywhere and get the same interactive and engaging experience as if they were sitting in the room. Plus video is a cost-effective way that allows all team members to participate in meetings.

These are just a few ways that video is being used to keep remote employees informed, connected and engaged. Having professional video capability at work is becoming just as important as it is to have a cell phone or email.   

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