SchoolTube: An Alternative to YouTube

One of the best ways to motivate and empower students is to encourage them to share their work with the world, especially when it comes to media projects. But many parents, educators and school districts aren’t enthused with the idea of posting videos of their students or their students’ projects on unrestricted public websites. There are of course alternatives to posting online, such as using a closed network within the school, but this dampens that wonderful “sharing” factor that can really light a fire under student creativity. An alternative solution is to use an education-focused website such as SchoolTube. The SchoolTube video hosting platform was created with students and teachers at the forefront. It was built on the need for an online hub where content was educational and teacher-approved as well as a safe space for students to share their video creations.

SchoolTube is much more than just a video hosting website - it is also a tool for teachers. It provides them with the opportunity to share created or curated video content with their students in the classroom or home. Educators can create channels of recorded lessons with downloadables like handouts and worksheets. Teachers can also make their videos interactive with quizzes and comments, and gain useful insight by tracking analytics to see how students are doing. The SchoolTube platform gives teachers a great reason to start using video as a real tool to better connect with their classes and enhance their own skills as an educator.

Students benefit from using this platform by having a safe space in which to share their work and even get access to extra help by watching video lessons from other schools. Since everything on SchoolTube is teacher moderated they will have the opportunity to be creative and try new things without fear of an unregulated comments section. Students are able to see what other kids their age are creating and get inspiration for new projects of their own. Similar to sites like YouTube, they can create personal vlog channels and playlists but have the added benefit of being vetted by an educator.

With the rise of media education in the classroom it is imperative to give students and teachers the opportunity to share the content they create. If privacy and regulation are top priorities for your school than SchoolTube is an amazing solution. There are unlimited benefits to being able to access educational videos for students as well as a safe space for them to be themselves. If your school is looking to start sharing student and teacher works in a more educationally focused environment, then check out SchoolTube. Click here to learn more about SchoolTube. 

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By Marin Morales

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