The New Padcaster® Studio

Padcaster® is excited to introduce the new Studio! Packed with dynamic new features, filming your next project on an iPad is now easier than ever before. Watch as Padcaster® founder and CEO Josh Apter walks you through the simple set-up of the ruggedly efficient mobile film studio.


-Tripod/Monopod: 00:39
-Case: 4:10
-Lenses: 6:00
-Unidirectional Mic: 6:48
-Lavalier Mic: 7:26
-LED Light: 8:14
-Superclamp: 9:58
-Stick Mic: 10:40
-Parrot™ Teleprompter: 12:09
-Supershade: 13:35
-Dolly Wheels: 15:40
-Green Screen: 17:39


Padcaster® Case, Lens Bracket with 72-58mm step-down ring, .45X Wide-Angle Lens, 2x Telephoto Lens, Unidirectional Microphone, Audio Splitter, Stick Microphone with New Clamp System, Lavalier Microphone, Stereo Headphones, LED Light, ultra-portable combination Tripod/Monopod, Dolly Wheels, Greenscreen with stand, Parrot™ Teleprompter, Backpack, Supershade, and light-blocking Lens Sticker.


by Marin Morales

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