• Improving Media Education and Student Engagement Through Streaming High School Sports

    Livestreaming school sporting events is rapidly becoming a popular way for schools to teach media production to their students. By broadcasting these important events live, educators are giving their student tech teams real-world filmmaking experience and opening up an opportunity for families to watch their children compete. Padcaster spoke with dedicated educators Jay Greth and JR Renna of Parkland School District in Allentown, PA about livestreaming school sports with the Padcaster, their robust media program, and the dynamic student tech team behind it all. 

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  • Four Video Projects To Get Your Students Excited About Reading

    Looking for new and creative ways to get students motivated to read? Why not use video projects? Thanks to social media, watching and creating short-form videos is now a huge part of students’ day-to-day lives. Embrace this trend and utilize their enthusiasm for video by creating fun and educatio... View Post
  • Tips To Help Your Students Create Amazing Weather Reports

    The weather report is a crucial part of any broadcast! These tips will help take your students from aspiring meteorologists to professionals. WATCH PROFESSIONAL WEATHER REPORTS: What better way to teach students how to report on the weather than show them how the professionals do it? One assignme... View Post
  • Project Ideas: Video Assignments For The Foreign Language Classroom

    Video assignments are a strong addition to any curriculum, and the foreign language classroom is no exception. From writing the script to rehearsing and practicing pronunciation, students will be learning throughout the entire production process.  It’s crucial that video projects seamlessly integ... View Post
  • 8 Creative Ways That Video Can Be Used At Schools OUTSIDE Of The Classroom!

    Many educators are already incorporating video into their curriculum, but there are numerous untapped opportunities to take advantage of video outside of the classroom. Below is a collection of ideas from everything from sporting events to student government.  ADVERTISEMENTS FOR PROGRAMS & EV... View Post