Four Projects to Get Your Virtual Art Club Off the Ground

Educators and parents across the world are doing everything they can to help their students and children continue to learn and stay engaged during this new era of e-learning. One great way to keep students connected and enjoying healthy hobbies in addition to their remote learning is to start an online virtual club! If you’re an educator, parent or even a student, here are four different art project ideas for a virtual art club!

Doodle a Day

A great way to kick off your virtual art club is with a simple, low materials project like the “Doodle a Day” challenge. Start the project with a fun video conference where you and the other club member choose a topic for each day. The best topics are the simplest, an object in the kitchen, front yard or even whatever happens to be near them at the time they decide. When they’ve finished with that day’s drawing encourage them to tag their sketches with a fun hashtag on Instagram (like #CUHSDoodleADay or #So&SosArtClub) to share their artwork.


Live Painting Session 

This project is similar to paint and wine parties that have risen in popularity for adults over the last five years. First, schedule a time when everyone can be online, then place a finished version of the project behind you but in full view of everyone watching. You could also send out a digital version of the finished painting so everyone has it on hand as well. Once you have everything set, encourage participants to paint along with you as you complete the piece in real-time. As you are painting, encourage everyone to ask questions about technique, etc. At the end of the livestream take a screenshot of everyone holding up their newly finished piece and don’t forget to share it!

Teach a Specific Technical Skill

Sometimes all it takes is learning one cool trick to light that spark of creativity in a student’s mind! Pick one important technical drawing skill and give step by step instructions on how to master it, either live or recorded. Once your club has it down give them a weekly drawing challenge to show off their new skill. You can even have your students vote on a particular technique to learn, such as drawing 3D objects, perspective or how to draw hands. 

Make it Your Own Challenge

Similarly to remote teaching a specific skill, the “Make it Your Own” challenge can be a great way to teach a famous technique or style. Take a famous piece of art and have students try to recreate their version of it in their unique style or encourage them to take a famous style and use it to create their own piece. Think van Gogh’s Starry Night or the pointillism style of A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat. During a livestreamed meet-up briefly show everyone the piece you’ve chosen and a quick tutorial on the technique. At the next virtual art-club have everyone show-off their pieces and don’t forget to encourage everyone to share their hard work on social media!


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by Marin Morales

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